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Sankt Paulis Starke Frauen - Reeperbahner*innen

Sankt Pauli's Strong WomenSankt Paulis Starke Frauen - Reeperbahner*innen / Sankt Paulis Starke Frauen - Reeperbahner*innen

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 81 Min., ger. OV

"Rasmus Gerlach met a surprising range of wonderful women for his unusual portrait of St. Pauli, ranging from the burlesque performer Eve Champagne over the legendary barkeeper Ille from the bar Kiez Klause, her young counterpart Betty Kupsa, “Barmaid of the Year 2016”, to Franca Cueno, proprietor of the legendary Italian restaurant which had been founded in the Davidstraße in 1905. They and many others are whole-heartedly rooting for their Reeperbahn and they share a loving and serene attitude to the colourful goings-on around them. Take, for example, the Livebirds musicians, who came to Hamburg in the 60s and never left again, even though bass player Mary Dostal initially wanted to become a nun. Together with Bernadette La Hengst, they now provide the film’s soundtrack. And naturally, there’s a real nun as well."

Director Rasmus Gerlach

Screenplay Rasmus Gerlach

Producer Rasmus Gerlach

Cast Mary Dostal, Bernadette La Hengst, Eve Champagne, Betty Kupsa, Julia Staron, Stefanie Hempel, Schwester Irmela, Mizuki Wildenhahn, Tina Uebel

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