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HANS BLUMENBERG - Der unsichtbare Philosoph

Hans Blumenberg - The Invisible PhilosopherHANS BLUMENBERG - Der unsichtbare Philosoph / HANS BLUMENBERG - Der unsichtbare Philosoph

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 102 Min., ger. OV

Hans Blumenberg was, and remains even after death, one of Germany’s most influential post-war philosophers. For this cinematic portrait, director Christoph Rüter takes to the road across Germany with two of the philosopher’s former students and Blumenberg researcher Dr Rüdiger Zill. In Lübeck, they meet other former students and examine the essential role Heinrich Dräger played in the survival of half-Jews during World War II. In interviews with Blumenberg’s daughter Bettina, and appraisals from numerous academics, a comprehensive portrait of the life and work of the shy scholar emerges. But it is above all the many clips of Blumenberg’s lectures that illuminate the fascination he exercised – including on non-philosophers – with his entertaining manner of explaining highly complex trains of thought.

Director Christoph Rüter

Screenplay Christoph Rüter, Burkhard Lütke Schwienhorst

Producer Kerstin Krieg

Cast Burkhard Lütke Schwienhorst, Klaus Schölzel, Dr. Rüdiger Zill, Bettina Blumenberg, Prof. Dr. Cornelius Borck, Dr. Ulrich von Bülow, Dr. Christian Dräger

Website http://christoph-rueter-filmproduktion.de/index.php

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