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Das Märchen von der Regentrude

The Fable of the Rain MaidenDas Märchen von der Regentrude / Das Märchen von der Regentrude

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 68 Min., ger. OV

"A terrible draught has driven the farmers to desperation, while the rich Ivens is storing last water reserves and brazenly using his power to his own advantage. He’s not interested in his daughter Maren’s love for the shepherd Andrees, whose mother remembers the old tale of the Rain Maiden, the only one who can defeat the Fire Man who is responsible for the remorseless heat. Only a virgin can wake her from the sleep of oblivion. When Maren hears of this, she makes a bet with her father: If she can bring rain with the help of the Rain Maiden within a day, she is free to marry Andrees. On their way into the fantastic fairy tale world, the couple faces dangerous tests and a very angry Fire Man. The story about the harmony between man and nature was originally written by Theodor Storm in 1862."

Director Klaus Knoesel

Screenplay Leonie Bongartz

Producer Elke Ried, Thorsten Flassnöcker

Cast Janina Fautz (Maren), Rafael Gareisen (Andrees), Axel Prahl (Iven), Gabriela Maria Schmeide (Stine), Ina Weisse (Regentrude), Jörn Knebel (Eckeneckepenn), Özgür Karadeniz (Fährmann)

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