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Tracing Addai

Tracing Addai

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 30 Min., ger. OV

In his early 20s, Addai goes to help in the Syrian civil war. First he works with Ilias in a kitchen, from where he writes his mother, “Don’t worry, I’m doing fine.” But soon afterwards, they lose contact. Two years later, she receives a letter from Ilias. He was convicted as a terrorist in Germany and would now like to meet her. He tells her, “We went with good intentions.”

Director Esther Niemeier

Screenplay Esther Niemeier, Sarah-Christin Peter, Britta Strampe

Producer Britta Strampe

Cast Kais Setti (Ilias), Benito Bause (Addai in Syrien)


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