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Gelato - Die sieben Sommer der Eisliebe

Gelato - Seven Summers of Ice Cream LoveGelato - Die sieben Sommer der Eisliebe / Gelato - Die sieben Sommer der Eisliebe

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 12 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

"Rosa and Molly are separated by nearly 80 years of age, but their love for ice cream unites them. Could you imagine that something that wonderful had once been utterly unknown? Rosa can, and she remembers the summer when ice cream came from Italy and with it, Paolo."

Director Daniela Opp

Screenplay Kai Rönnau

Producer Daniela Opp

Cast Béatrice Barth (Molly), Astrid Schulz (Rosa), Aliyah Obid (Rosa Kind), Tobias Schaller (Lino), Marit Persiel (Paolo), Kai Rönnau (Paolo alt), Lilly Tamm (Elli)


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No screenings are available for this film.