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The FirewaterTulivesi / Feuerwasser

Retrospective, Estonia 1994, 93 Min., estn. OV, engl. st

At the end of the 1920s, the Finnish government imposed a ban on alcohol. The main beneficiaries of the prohibition were Estonian smugglers in the villages along the Baltic coast. Protagonist Eerik Ekström is a member of a smuggling ring in the fictional town of Ropsi. He dreams of making enough money to buy his own boat. While he is on one of his smuggling runs, a new customs officer takes up his post – Lieutenant Aleks Kattai is determined to put an end to the illegal liquor trade. Aleks becomes friends with Eerik’s fiancée, teacher Hilda. The two men initially approach each other as implacable rivals. But when they realise they are nothing more than puppets in political power games, they form an alliance… “Firewater” is a no-nonsense action drama with its roots in historical happenings that borrows unmistakeably from American genre cinema.

Director Hardi Volmer

Screenplay Ott Sandrak, Hardi Volmer

Producer Mati Sepping

Cast Epp Eespäev (Hilda), Erik Ruus (Eerik), Jaan Tätte (Aleks), Ain Lutsepp (Nymann), Lembit Ulfsak (Tui), Tönu Kark (Julius), Evi Kivi (Lulu)

Trailer https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5exaxk

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