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Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden / Germany 2017, 87 Min., sw. OV, engl. st, ger. Voice Over, 8 years and older

"Frank is 11 years old. He and his family live a somewhat chaotic, but pretty happy life in a topsy-turvy house. But then they are faced with a terrible loss – Frank’s younger sister Saga dies of a terrible illness. The family feels enormous sorrow. Then, one day, a Gibbon ape shows up in the garden. The playful animal turns everything upside down, but he immediately wins over the affection of Frank and his parents. It must be Saga, they think, coming back as a monkey, who they dub Monky! But while the family makes plans for the future with their old/new friend, it slowly becomes clear that Monky yearns for something different. The Monky character was created in a very complex computer animation process and is therefore considered the “best paid actor” of all time in Sweden. "

Director Maria Blom

Screenplay Anders Weidemann

Producer Patrick Ryborn

Cast Julius Jimenez Hugoson (Frank), Frida Hallgren (Mutter), Johan Petersson (Vater), Matilda Forss Lindström (Saga), Nina Åkerlund (Monky)

Trailer http://www.picturetree-international.de/films/details/monky.html

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