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My Heart Belongs to DaddyRøverdatter / Räubertochter

Documentary, Norway / Sweden 2018, 83 Min., norw. OV, engl. st

When Sofia Haugan decides to re-establish contact with her father Kjell, he has just been sent to prison yet again. He is addicted to drugs and is a notorious thief. 19 months later, Sofia collects him from the prison, having organised a flat and a job for him. Even when grave situations occur, their humour is what still keeps the two of them together. Sofia is firmly set on helping her father get back up on his feet. But her overtures are not easy, with his addiction coming between them again and again. His irresponsible behaviour, breaking of arrangements and lies burden their tender relationship of trust. Her attempt to convince Kjell to undergo withdrawal treatment turns into a hard test of patience. An impressive film in which both the daughter and the father openly and unsparingly reveal their confrontations with themselves and the other person – and in which there are many hilarious moments despite all of the tragedy.

Director Sofia Haugan

Screenplay Sofia Haugan

Producer Carsten Aanonsen

Cast Sofia Haugan, Kjell Magne Haugan, Trude Didriksen, Magnus Tombre Bøhn

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No screenings are available for this film.