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14 Käänet

14 Cases14 Käänet / 14 Fälle

Documentary, Estonia 2017, 85 Min., estn., russ. OV, engl. st

The Estonian language has 14 cases, and you have to learn them all. That presents problems for the Russian minority that makes up about one-quarter of Estonia’s population. Many of them still feel close ties to Russian culture, and speak primarily Russian. But they have to consider their children’s future – whether it’s better to send them to Russian or Estonian schools. Five-year-old Ksenia switches from a Russian to an Estonian kindergarten, because she will be going to Estonian schools later. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Mark has a lot of difficulty settling in at his new school, while 18-year-old Vitali, who graduated from a Russian school, is happy because he feels both worlds are open to him. With sensitivity and a keen sense of observation, the film follows people making hard decisions, and brings their identity conflicts to the fore.

Director Marianna Kaat

Screenplay Marianna Kaat

Producer Marianna Kaat

Website https://www.antipode-sales.biz/movies/14-cases/


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