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Havið - Kærleiki umborð

The Ocean - Fishing with LoveHavið - Kærleiki umborð / Das Meer - Liebe an Bord

Documentary, Denmark / Faroer 2018, 42 Min., far. OV, engl. st

"As the fishing trade around the Faroe Islands dwindles, it is more than just a source of revenue that is disappearing, it is an essential part of the islands' culture. Young people have lost interest in fishing as a livelihood; they go off to university and all they care about is football, one villager complains. But above all, family fisheries don’t have the capacity to compete against the giant corporate boats. Director Eir í Ólavsstovu follows the married Kallsoys both on land and on the water, giving us an accurate depiction of the hard work of fishing. Sonni and Jenny stoically carry on the tradition the often adverse conditions, maintain a cheerful attitude. “Fisher folk always have a sense of optimism”, says Sonni Kallsoy, “they always think things will get better”. The film is the first part of a trilogy called “The Ocean”, planned as a project about the beauty and the significance of the Atlantic Ocean."

Director Eir í Ólavsstovu

Screenplay Eir í Ólavsstovu

Producer Drós í Ólavsstovu

Cast Sonni Kallsoy, Jenny Kallsoy

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No screenings are available for this film.