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Seltsimees laps

The Little ComradeSeltsimees laps / Die kleine Genossin

Feature Films, Estonia 2018, 98 Min., estn., russ. OV, engl. st, 6 years and older

Estonia during the Soviet era at the start of the 1950s: “If you're a good girl, I’ll be back soon,” the mother of six-year-old Leelo tells her when she is deported to Serbia. The child takes her mother’s unrealisable command deadly serious. Torn between her middle-class home life and the beguiling community of Russian pioneers where she lives, Leelo tries to distinguish between good and evil and find the right path in life for her. With her feature film debut, the director Monika Siimets has created a moving drama about life under changing political systems and the emotionally charged search by a child for the truth. “The Little Comrade” is based on Leelo Tungal's autobiographic novels that have enjoyed great success with the public in Estonia. With a superb performance in the main role by Helena Maria Reisner, an up-and-coming actress who is now nine years old.

Director Moonika Siimets

Screenplay Moonika Siimets

Producer Riina Sildos

Cast Helena Maria Reisner (Leelo), Tambet Tuisk (Feliks), Eva Koldits (Helmes), Yulia Aug (Ljudmilla)

Website www.facebook.com/seltsimeeslaps


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