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Nordische Filmtage Party

Nordic Film Days PartyNordische Filmtage Party / Nordische Filmtage Party

Events, Germany 2017, 360 Min.

Desert Planet - Gamepop superstars from FinlandDesert Planet is a band from Lapland, northern Finland consisting of Jukka Tarkiainen, Jari Mikkola and Antti Hovila. They perform electronic music influenced by 8-bit video games, coin-operated games and science fiction movies, generally characterised as bitpop or micromusic. "Donkey Kong Honky Tonk" as the band describes it. They have released five albums and continue to perform live.The band is famous about for their homemade space suits, green helmets and do-it-yourself spacemen attitude. They create electronic dance music or electropop with influences from 1980s game consoles and computers like Nintendo Entertainment System, Amiga and Commodore 64. Besides the music of the video game culture band represents some movie and tv-serie tunes. There is also some toy-synthesizer influences in the mix. Their show is visualized with pixelated video projections created by VJ Antti Hovila.

21.00 Uhr Doors Open
00.00 Uhr Phable - DJ-Set

admission free
treibsANDWilly-Brandt-Allee 9
23554 Lübeck


No screenings are available for this film.