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Innan vi dör

Before We DieInnan vi dör / Before We Die E1&2

Drama Series, Sweden / Germany 2017, 10 x 60 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

Hanna Svensson is a policewoman with high moral standards. Just two years ago, she put her own son Christian in prison for dealing drugs. Yet it bothers her immensely that he will now have nothing to do with her. When her colleague and lover Sven disappears, his undercover investigation into Stockholm’s organised crime sector is exposed. Hanna is the only one who knows that Sven has an informant named Inez, so she makes a quick decision to take over the contact. Hanna soon realises how broad the investigation is. A brutal change in the underworld power structure is in the offing, and Inez represents Hanna’s only chance to prevent it. She succeeds in finding out where Sven is, but arrives too late. The kidnappers have already fled with Sven as a hostage. At the same time, Christian is trying to get his bearings as a free man and takes a job with the shady Mimica family.

Series Creator Niklas Rockström

Director Simon Kaijser

Screenplay Niklas Rockström, Wilhelm Bergman

Producer Maria Nordenberg, Fredrik Heinig

Cast Marie Richardson (Hanna Svensson), Adam Palsson (Christian), Alexej Manvelov (Davor Mimica)


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No screenings are available for this film.