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MonsterMonster / Monster E1&2

Drama Series, Norway 2017, 7 x 52 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

In the remote Norwegian province of Finnmark, young local detective Hedda Hersoug is forced into a partnership with Oslo colleague Joel Dreyer (Jakob Oftebro) on murder investigations. Dreyer, kitted out with unorthodox investigative methods and a maladjusted attitude, clashes regularly with the idealistic young Hersoug. Just as the investigation is beginning to point to a case in Hersoug’s distant past, and Dreyer is becoming increasingly erratic, Dreyer’s Oslo colleague Jacobi is found dead. The dead man had been the original investigator on the unsolved case of Hedda’s mother’s disappearance and, now, shortly after returning to the north, is suddenly dead. It becomes impossible for anyone to ignore the link between the past and the current case. For Hersoug and Dreyer, the investigation will push them to their limits.

Series Creator Anne Sewitsky, Hans Christian Storrøsten

Director Anne Sewitsky, Pål Jackman

Screenplay Hans Christian Storrøsten, Anne Sewitsky, Jadranko Mehic

Producer Lasse Greve Alsos

Cast Ingvild Holte Bygdnes (Hedda Hersoug), Jakob Oftebro (Joel Dreyer), Bjørn Sundquist (Ed Arvola), Lars Arentz-Hansen (Thomas Jacobi)


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No screenings are available for this film.