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Jennifer - Sehnsucht nach was Besseres

Jennifer - Longing for BetterJennifer - Sehnsucht nach was Besseres / Jennifer - Sehnsucht nach was Besseres E4-6

Drama Series, Germany 2017, 3 x 30 Min., germ. OV

When disco owner Manni makes an appointment at the hair salon for C-list celeb Ingo A., better known as “Container Ingo” (Klaas Heufer-Umlauf), Jennifer has visions of becoming his manager. Along with her colleague Melli, she dreams of a glamorous life to come. But overnight, Manni takes over the shop, kicks out Dietmar (Olli Dietrich), and makes Ingo – ex-hairdresser, ex-container celeb, ex-chart breaker, ex-Neu Wulmstorf resident, and currently in a downward spiral – his new manager. But can somebody with so many “ex”s in his resume give the “Hair & Care” salon the longed-for boost? Jennifer and Melli have a few ideas for whipping the salon back into shape. Ingo is rather sweet, but proves to be more of an obstacle than an asset to the process. When Melli advises Jennifer to “separate your career and your job”, Jennifer is determined to act – with or without Ingo.

Director Lars Jessen

Screenplay Andreas Altenburg, Harald Wehmeier

Producer Raoul Reinert, Lars Jessen, Sebastian Schultz

Cast Katrin Ingendoh (Jennifer), Olli Dietrich (Dietmar), Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (Ingo), Doris Kunstmann (Oma), Laura Lo Zito (Melli), Ulrich Bähnk (Manni)

Website http://www.ndr.de/jennifer

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No screenings are available for this film.