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Arthur & Claire

Arthur & Claire

Filmforum, Germany / Austria / the Netherlands 2017, 100 Min., dt OV

Arthur is a serious grouch. He checks into an Amsterdam hotel planning to kill himself the next day. He doesn’t want to wait for the tumour in his lungs to do it slowly and painfully. His select and exquisite last meal, however, is spoiled by the young Dutch woman Claire, who is listening to loud hard rock music a few rooms down, as she prepares her own suicide. As the two scuffle, Arthur realizes what she is planning, quickly gets rid of her sleeping pills, and follows the furious Claire out into the night. It will be a night of extraordinary experiences for both of them. – The screenplay by Miguel Alexandre and Josef Hader strikes a wonderful balance between dry humour and deep insight into the imperfections of human beings. Bolstered by extremely atmospheric camerawork and scenes, the film is a delicate, witty declaration of love to life.

Director Miguel Alexandre

Screenplay Miguel Alexandre, Josef Hader

Producer Gerald Podgornig, Gudula von Eysmondt

Cast Josef Hader (Arthur), Hannah Hoekstra (Claire), Rainer Bock (Dr. Sebastian Hofer), Guy Clemens (Empfangschef), Ruben Brinkmann (Barista)

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