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Tatort - Mord Ex Machina

Crime Scene - Murder Ex MachinaTatort - Mord Ex Machina / Tatort - Mord Ex Machina

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 90 Min., germ. OV

Lead detective Jens Stellbrink is faced with an especially tricky case – the in-house lawyer for a firm specialised in gathering digital data is killed in an accident involving the company’s prototype self-driving car. At first it seems like a clear case of suicide, but then Stellbrink discovers that the man desperately tried to get the driver’s side door open before he died. To solve the case, the detective must delve deep into the world of digital manipulation. – Christian Theede directed a script by Hendrik Hölzemann (“Original Bliss”, 2016) that is a suspense-packed exploration of the criminal potential of digitisation, a thrill ride, and a masterpiece of timing. The episode also adds focus and depth to the Stellbrink character, who no longer seems so aloof.

Director Christian Theede

Screenplay Hendrik Hölzemann

Producer Martin Hofmann

Cast Devid Striesow (Jens Stellbrink), Julia Koschitz (Natascha), Sandra Maren Schneider (Mia Emmrich), Steve Windolf (Victor Rousseau), Nikolai Kinski (Sebastian Feuerbach), Anton Spieker (Marco Fichte), Elizabeth Brück (Lisa Marx), Hartmut Volle (Horst Jordan)

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