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Der Gipfel - Performing G20

The Summit - Performing G20Der Gipfel - Performing G20 / Der Gipfel - Performing G20

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 88 Min., germ. OV

In early July 2017, Rasmus Gerlach and ten camera-people immersed themselves in the protests surrounding the G20 Summit in Hamburg. Street performance as a new form of protest was well received, but those images were soon overshadowed by pictures of the escalating violence. This film project concentrates on the art actions – the street performance “1000 Gestalten” (1000 Creatures) or the “Megaphone Choir”. He gives us drumming performances and demonstrators dressed up as Smurfs. But perhaps the best known performance was the woman who climbed up on a tank, whose peaceful protest was cut short by pepper spray and water cannon. The film also provides a forum for local residents, photographers, journalists, and a policeman to speak. Not to mention performance and music icon Laurie Anderson, who talks about how the G20 was perceived from the outside, and about the concept of creative protest art.

Director Rasmus Gerlach

Screenplay Rasmus Gerlach

Producer Rasmus Gerlach


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