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Filmforum, Germany 2017, 97 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

Two women spend a weekend together at the North Sea. Walks on the beach, fish rolls at a snack stand, mobile weather forecasts. Sky, horizon, water. Josefina will soon return to her family in Argentina, whereas Theresa will try to come a step closer to the ocean. She travels to the Caribbean on a sailing vessel across the Atlantic Ocean. One wave follows the other, they never settle down. Thoughts go astray, time drifts and the swells lull her to deep sleep. – The film allows the sea to take over at that point, rocking the audience in the rolling ocean. Helena Wittmann, who had already developed an unusual visual language in her short films while a student at Hamburg’s University of Fine Arts, finds entirely new ways to tell a story of love, loss, and profound feelings.

Director Helena Wittmann

Screenplay Helena Wittmann, Theresa George

Producer Frank Scheuffele, Karsten Krause

Cast Theresa George, Josefina Gill

Website www.helenawittmann.de/drift/


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No screenings are available for this film.