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TIAN - Das Geheimnis der Schmuckstraße

TIAN - The Mystery of St. PauliTIAN - Das Geheimnis der Schmuckstraße / TIAN - Das Geheimnis der Schmuckstraße

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 92 Min., germ., mand. OV, engl. st

After Michael Winter loses his job, he and his wife Frederike, along with their eight-year-old daughter Selma, move into a dilapidated apartment owned by Michael’s father-in-law, in what was once Hamburg’s Chinatown. The move has serious consequences for the emotionally unstable Frederike. She soon starts seeing symbols on the walls and hearing voices, as if the former occupant – a Chinese woman shrouded in mystery – was trying to make contact with Frederike. Michael, on the other hand, wonders whether the dosage of his wife’s meds needs to be increased. That is, until his daughter starts hearing voices too, and Frederike and her father suddenly disappear. – The link to historical reality gives this classic haunted house thriller an added dimension beyond the usual confines of the genre.

Director Damian Schipporeit

Screenplay Georg Tiefenbach, Stefan Gieren

Producer Stefan Gieren

Cast Stephan Kampwirth (Michael Winter), Katharina Schüttler (Frederike Winter), Hermann Beyer (Heinrich Weber), Bella Bading (Selma Winter)


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