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Werner Nekes - Das Leben zwischen den Bildern

Werner Nekes - A Life Between ImagesWerner Nekes - Das Leben zwischen den Bildern / Werner Nekes - Das Leben zwischen den Bildern

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 88 Min., germ. OV

Werner Nekes (1944 – 2017) was one of the most important contemporary experimental filmmakers. His work consisted of 100 avant-garde films, which were awarded numerous honours. He also possessed an excellent collection, comprising 40,000 objects connected to the history of cinema, production, and optics, making it unique in the world. Nekes considered himself an artist who made films, who created a “film reality”, as opposed to making films about reality. Ulrike Pfeiffer’s film shows a cross-section of Nekes’ film work, as well as presenting some of the treasures from his vast collection. In discussions with Alexander Kluge, Nekes proves to be knowledgeable on film theory, as well as an avid investigator into the phenomenon of perception. The film also honours his close collaboration with Helge Schneider and Christoph Schlingensief.

Director Ulrike Pfeiffer

Producer Gerd Haag

Cast Werner Nekes, Bazon Brock, Bernd Upnmoor, Alexander Kluge, Daniel Kothenschulte, Helge Schneider, Anthony Moore, Helmut Herbst, Klaus Wyborny,Ursula Richert-Nekes


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