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Der 32. Tag

The 32nd DayDer 32. Tag / Der 32. Tag

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 6 Min., germ. OV

What’s cooler? To hang around with friends playing soccer, or to try out forbidden things like drugs? One of the boys opts to try things. This film was made within the framework of a film class at the Walther Lehmkuhl vocational school in Neumünster. It’s a group project by participants from six countries who came to Germany as unaccompanied minors.

Director Navid Ganjian, Samir Mohammadi, Kamiab Karimi u.a.

Screenplay Filmkurs der Walther-Lehmkuhl Schule Neumünster

Producer Claus Oppermann

Cast Navid G. (Er), Kamiab Karimi (Kevin), Zahir Zakhil (Christoph), Samir Mohammadi (Benny)

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