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Die Jungs

The BoysDie Jungs / Die Jungs

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 91 Min., germ. OV

Hamburg director Tink Diaz trained her camera on five friends (including her son Joey), who have been known since grade school only as “The Boys”. She shows us how they transform from twenty-somethings into “mature men”. These five personalities could hardly be more different from each other, yet they are the closest of friends. What were their dreams, desires, and hopes at 22? And what had become of those ten years later? The film follows Simon, Alex, Marek, Yuhan, and Joey as they hang, travel, make video selfies, and throughout it all, provide astoundingly open commentary about what moves them and what they expect from life. – Thanks to the very different lives of the protagonists, and the extreme closeness to them that the film achieves, this long-term study provides fascinating insight into the attitude of young men towards life.

Director Tink Diaz

Producer Tink Diaz

Cast Yuhan, Alex, Simon, Marek, Joey

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No screenings are available for this film.