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Maybe, Baby!

Maybe, Baby!

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 78 Min., germ. OV

Marie is in her mid-thirties and surrounded by girlfriends with small children. Her boyfriend Sascha also longs for the patter of tiny feet, so they have sex on schedule whenever she’s ovulating. Marie is irritable and unsure whether it’s still what she wants. When Sascha goes away on business, she seizes the chance to escape for a weekend to an isolated mountain hut with toy boy Lukas. Ah, romance! Unfortunately, the hut is already occupied – by Sascha and his secret mistress Birgit. Marie is in shock and wants to leave, but the lift is no longer running down to the valley, so the foursome is left with no choice but to spend a cosy weekend ‘à quatre’. The couple is used to avoiding uncomfortable issues, but here there is no escape and pretty soon they are down to the nitty-gritty.

Director Julia Becker

Screenplay Julia Becker

Producer Frauke Kolbmüller

Cast Julia Becker (Marie), Marc Ben Puch (Sascha), Christian Natter (Lukas), Charlotte Crome (Birgit)


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