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Ostajem - Ich bleibe hier.

Ostajem - I'm staying.Ostajem - Ich bleibe hier. / Ostajem - Ich bleibe hier.

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 27 Min., germ., bosn. OV, germ. st

As a child in the Nineties, Kiel filmmaker-journalist Maja Bahtijarevi and her parents fled the civil war in the former Yugoslavia for Germany. Back in her homeland 25 years later, she meets young people of her generation who want to live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite all the difficulties. They demonstrate that with enough hope and idealism, there are prospects there, too.

Director Maja Bahtijarevic, Johanna Jannsen

Screenplay Maja Bahtijarevic, Johanna Jannsen

Producer Maja Bahtijarevic, Johanna Jannsen

Cast Jelena Kovac, Stefan Marinkovic, Predrag Borojevic

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No screenings are available for this film.