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Könige der Welt

We Were KingsKönige der Welt / Könige der Welt

Filmforum, Germany 2017, 94 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

It all began with a yellow slip of paper. Accompanying the demo tape sent off in 2000 was the scribble, “we promise to become the best rock band of all time”. It was sent by Maze, Michael, Jan, and Nobse of “Union Youth”, a garage band from Lower Saxony. And it worked – at first. The friends played for superstars and hung out in bars with Robbie Williams and Josh Homme. They were wondrous years, intoxicating and excessive. By 2006, the dream was over. – Eleven years later, singer Maze brings the group back together. They already have a new band name, “Pictures”. But the rehearsals turn peculiar. At some point, Maze stops showing up, and the friends realise their lead singer is in mortal danger from drugs, depression, and loss of control. But despite all their fears, they venture out together. A new tour, back to square one, the start of new dreams.

Director Christian von Brockhausen, Timo Großpietsch

Screenplay Christian von Brockhausen, Timo Großpietsch

Producer Olaf Jacobs

Cast Michael Borwitzky, Maze Exler, Ole Fries, Markus Krieg, Nobse Kues, Jan van Triest, Jana Brinkmann

Website https://www.facebook.com/koenigederwelt/


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