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Aminas Breve

Letters for AminaAminas Breve / Aminas Briefe

Filmforum, Denmark / Germany 2017, 82 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

Janus is 21 when he is released from a psychiatric hospital. He has only one goal – to find Amina, an old friend from his school days. Her letters to him while he was suffering from severe mental illness were the only thing that kept him from committing suicide. Until they suddenly stopped coming. Janus fears that Amina might be in trouble and sets out to search for her. The undertaking soon stretches him to the limit, particularly since it seems that his old friend doesn’t want to be found. Convinced that he needs to save Amina, Janus goes to extremes. This second narrative feature by director Jacob Bitsch is based on the eponymous debut novel by Jonas T. Bengtsson, who also wrote the book that Thomas Vinterberg’s film “Submarino” was based on. A Danish-German co-production, the film was co-financed by Hamburg’s Tamtam Film, NDR/ARTE, and the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein film subsidy board.

Director Jacob Bitsch

Screenplay Anders Ølholm

Producer Birgitte Skov, Morten Kaufmann, Signe Leick Jensen, Andrea Schütte, Dirk Decker

Cast Esben Smed (Janus), Lisa Carlehed (Astrid), Siir Tilif (Amina), Hans Henrik Clemmensen (Cigar Man) Omar Shargawi (Mahmut), Besir Zeciric (Erkan), Munir Avn (Ali)


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