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Före stormen

Before the StormFöre stormen / Sturm der Vergeltung

Retrospective, Sweden / Norway / Denmark / Iceland / Finland 2000, 104 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

Ali El-Rachid escaped the horrors of war in the Mideast 18 years ago. He has since lived in Sweden, where he works as a taxi driver. He has a Swedish wife and two daughters, Sara and Jenny. One of Sara’s classmates is 12-year-old Leo, whose mother is a policewoman. An older student, Danne, bullies Leo mercilessly. In a fit of desperation and seeing no other way out, Leo steals his mother’s service weapon and seeks a final confrontation with Danne. At the same time, Ali is visited by a woman from his homeland. She pressures him to provide support for the planned assassination of the director of a Swedish car manufacturer. Neither Ali nor Leo suspects that they will soon be intimately linked. In this enthralling thriller, political murder and a private thirst for vengeance collide violently.

Director Reza Parsa

Screenplay Mikael Bengtsson, Reza Parsa

Producer Johan Fälemark, Peter Hiltunen

Cast Per Graffman (Ali), Emil Odepark (Leo), Martin Wallström (Danne), Tintin Anderzon (Leos Mutter), Maria Lundqvist (Alis Frau), Sasha Becker (Sara), Anni Egecioglu (Jenny)


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