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Montenegro eller pärlor och svin

Montenegro or Pearls and PigsMontenegro eller pärlor och svin / Die Ballade von Lucy Jordan

Retrospective, Sweden / Great Britain 1981, 96 Min., engl. OV, norweg. st, FSK 18

Marilyn Jordan is in an unhappy marriage. Her husband is constantly away on business, and in her large villa, she feels like she’s living in a gilded cage. But instead of trying to meet her need for more human contact, her husband calls for the psychiatrist! Then Marilyn makes a momentous acquaintance. At the airport, she meets a teenage alcohol smuggler and her familial clan – immigrant labourers from Yugoslavia who run a decrepit shebeen near Stockholm. In the bar, Marilyn meets not only wild thugs and merry drinkers, but also the virile zookeeper Montenegro, whose animal instincts soon uncover the attractive housewife’s repressed desires. The film is a risqué satire that reduces ethnic stereotypes such as the “hot-blooded Mediterranean type” ad absurdum in a strange clash of cultures.

Director Dusan Makavejev

Screenplay Dusan Makavejev

Producer Bo Jonsson, George Zecevic, Christer Abrahamsen

Cast Susan Anspach (Marilyn Jordan), Erland Josephson (Martin Jordan), Per Oscarsson (Dr. Pazardjian), Bora Todorovic (Alex Rossignol), Svetozar Cvetkovic (Montenegro)

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