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Ett paradis utan biljard

A Paradise Without BilliardsEtt paradis utan biljard / Ein Paradies ohne Billard

Retrospective, Sweden / Denmark / Italy 1991, 113 Min., swed., ital. OV, engl. st

Migrant worker Franco writes letters home to his Italian village full of praise for the paradise that is Sweden. His best friend Giuseppe is so impressed that he decides to join his friend. But his high expectations are disappointed. He didn’t realise that he would be disinfected before being allowed into the country, nor that his actual earnings would bear no relationship to his gross salary. While Giuseppe lives in a hut, Franco has moved in with a Swedish woman and her small daughter. And while Franco tries to integrate, the extroverted Giuseppe constantly butts heads with the cultural norms – both at work and in public – ultimately leading to quarrels between the two friends. Directed with a light hand, this spirited “migrant worker comedy” highlighted the price paid for successful integration – and two different paths taken in life.

Director Carlo Barsotti

Screenplay Carlo Barsotti

Producer Börje Hansson

Cast Paolo Migone (Giuseppe), Gianluca Favilla (Franco), Carina Lidbom (Lena), Giacomo Poretti (Mann aus Mailand), Giuseppe Nesi (Mann aus Maremma)

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