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Retrospective, Sweden 1986, 124 Min., swed., finn., russ. OV, engl. st

“Seppan” is a drab housing complex in Tullingesjön, not far from Stockholm. It is named after the nearby separator works, where the residents work. They are all immigrants – Finns, Austrians, Russians, Poles. In the winter of 1961, Pirjo, the daughter of a traumatised, bibulous Finn, is close friends with Sara, the daughter of the Swedish plant manager. From the perspective of these young friends, the film follows the other children and their adolescent dramas – Seppo, who responds to school by becoming self-destructive; a Polish girl who is bullied for being illegitimate; Franziska, whose mother forces her into ballet lessons, and Vera, who dreams of Hollywood. Some of them will fall into the yawning chasm between desire and reality. The film is a sensitive portrayal of the problems of second generation immigrants, including from the female perspective.

Director Agneta Fagerström-Olsson

Screenplay Agneta Fagerström-Olsson

Producer Bert Sundberg

Cast Nina Lager (Pirjo), Sofie Mällström (Sara), Jesper Lager (Seppo), Jani Niemimaa (Jari), Mariana Vodovosoff (Fransiska), Peter Stormare (Saras Vater), Elisabeth von Gerber (Saras Mutter)

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