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Jalla! Jalla!

Jalla! Jalla!Jalla! Jalla! / Jalla! Jalla! wer zu spät kommt...

Retrospective, Sweden 2000, 92 Min., swed. arab. OV, engl. st, FSK 12

Måns and Roro are two friends who work for park services. Day in and day out, they have plenty to do – from cleaning the duck pond to clearing away piles of dog excrement. Then love complicates things. While Måns struggles with his impotence problem, Roro dreads introducing his Swedish girlfriend Lisa to his Lebanese family. When he finally plucks up the courage, he is presented with an arranged fiancée and all her relatives. But Yasmin has no intention of marrying Roro. Josef Fares’ feature film debut is not only a thoroughly entertaining comedy about love, sex, and cultural differences, but also a buddy movie that touched a very topical chord. Without poking fun at the cultural misunderstandings, Fares used them as material for hilarious gags that people all over Europe could identify with.

Director Josef Fares

Screenplay Josef Fares

Producer Anna Anthony

Cast Fares Fares (Roro), Torkel Petersson (Måns), Tuva Novotny (Lisa), Laleh Pourkarim (Yasmin), Leonard Terfelt (Paul), Jan Fares (Roros Vater), Sofi Ahlström Helleday (Jenny), Jan Fares (Vater)


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