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MirushBlodsbånd / Mirush und sein Vater

Retrospective, Norway 2007, 108 Min., norweg., alban. OV, engl. st

Mirush lives in Kosovo. His father abandoned the family to earn a living in the north. When Mirush’s older brother dies in an accident, the younger boy finds a clue in his belongings about a restaurant that the father owns in Oslo – as well as enough money to make the journey there. Mirush arrives in Norway as an illegal immigrant and, using a false name, gets work helping out in his father’s restaurant. But his father Bekim is a big disappointment to Mirush – he has disavowed his family back home, he’s thinking of remarrying, and he has also become involved with the Albanian mafia. When Mirush steals the expensive wristwatch of one of their thugs, the consequences are dire. Director Marius Holst has succeeded in making a densely-woven, urban thriller with an impressive young protagonist.

Director Marius Holst

Screenplay Harald Rosenløw Eeg, Lars Gudmestad

Producer Gudny Hummelvoll

Cast Fisnik Zegiri (Armend), Nazif Muarremi (Mirush), Enrico Lo Verso (Bekim), Ramdan Huseini (Ismet), Mirjana Karanovich (Mutter), Glenn André Kaada (Frode)


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