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IzzatIzzat / Izzat - A Killer Thriller

Retrospective, Norway 2005, 107 Min., norweg., punj. OV, engl. st, FSK 16

In a low-income neighbourhood in east Oslo, the gang run by Pakistani brothers Saddiq and Khalid rules the roost. Wasim, Munawar, and Riaz look to the top dogs with respect, and the three friends in fact manage to get in on the fringes doing odd jobs for the gang. But what begins as harmless runner services unavoidably leads in the 1990s to dealing drugs and conflict with the older, established dealers. Tensions arise within the gang when Riaz is threatened with losing his girlfriend to one of his “bosses”. He manages to sideline his rival with the help of the immigration authorities, but then his friend Wasim, of all people, is tasked with carrying out the gang’s revenge. “Izzat” is the Urdu word for “honour”. This genre drama leans on big international examples for its highly suspenseful narrative of the fatal consequences of an excessive sense of honour.

Director Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen

Screenplay Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen, Leon Bashir

Producer John M. Jacobsen

Cast Emil Marwa (Wasim), Assad Siddique (Riaz), Khawar Gomi Sadiq (Munawar), Jan Sælid (Kula), Daud Mirza (Saddiq), Elyas Mohammed (Khalid), Abubakar Hussain (Amiir), Bente Wethal (Robina)


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