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Min Homosyster

My Gay SisterMin Homosyster / Meine Homoschwester

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden / Norway 2017, 15 Min., German commentary, 10 years and older

Does Cleo like hairless dogs better than terriers with curly coats? Does she love Sadira? Or maybe Kevin? And how do you know you’re in love, anyway? The 10-year-old is on an outing with her older sister and her sister's girlfriend. Shots of Norway’s vast fjords and very personal conversations provide lots of room for thinking about one’s own preferences.

Director Lia Hietala

Screenplay Lia Hietala

Producer Stefan Henriksson, Lia Hietala, Karin Stenwall

Cast Tina Pourdavoy (Gabbi), Erika A. Coleman (Majken), Juliette Safavi (Cleo)


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No screenings are available for this film.