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Rum 213

Room 213Rum 213 / Zimmer 213

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2017, 82 Min., German commentary, 12 years and older

The beginning of summer is anything but successful. Since 12-year-old Elvira’s best friend is sick, she must go to holiday camp alone. Water damage makes her room unliveable, and she has to bunk with Meja and Bea in Room 213, of all places. Nobody has opened the door to the stuffy room in years, and now strange things begin happening. Overnight, some of the girls’ things disappear. Henny, a loner, claims seriously that the camp is haunted. And then a page of Elvira’s diary turns up, with a message in a stranger’s handwriting. This adaptation of Ingelin Angerborn’s young adult novel by the same name focuses on scary effects while proving satisfying to its audience: amidst the mutual suspicion, crushes, and clueless adults, the girls form a new friendship.

Director Emelie Lindblom

Screenplay Martin Jern, Emil Larsson

Producer Martin Jern, Emil Larsson

Cast Wilma Lundgren (Elvira), Ella Fogelström (Meja), Elena Hovsepyan (Bea)


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