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Upp i det blå

Up in the SkyUpp i det blå / Ab in den Himmel

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2016, 82 Min., German commentary, 7 years and older

Eight-year-old Pottan was supposed to spend her holidays at a riding camp. But her stressed-out parents offload her at a recycling centre by mistake. Three extremely original characters live on the lot – fugitive jailbird Dennis, oddball tinkerer Ture, and the eccentric boss Rydberg. For good or evil, they take the young girl under their wing, and Pottan quickly realizes that there’s more adventure to be had with this strange crew amid the sea of cast-offs than at any riding camp. Especially once she’s been initiated into the secret project – the trio plans to launch a home-made rocket into space to collect valuable space junk. Pottan doesn’t hesitate for long before joining the daring mission. An affectionate film studded with deliciously absurd moments about the value of friendship and how much you can achieve if you work together.

Director Petter Lennstrand

Screenplay Petter Lennstrand, Martin Olczak

Producer Lars Jönsson

Cast Mira Forsell (Pottan), Adam Lundgren (Dennis), Guffe Funck (Ture), Petter Lennstrand (Rydberg), Shebly Niavarani (Babblan), Ida Engvoll (Miss Il), Susanne Torson (Mutter), Eric Ericson (Vater), Niklas Hermansson (Trassel)


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