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Flykten till framtiden

My Future LoveFlykten till framtiden / Flucht in die Zukunft

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2016, 99 Min., swed. OV, engl. st, 14 years and older

Stockholm, 1973. Vinyl is all the rage, fathers still harbour the delusion that they’re in charge, and it wouldn’t occur to anybody to separate the trash into different coloured bins. Even the doctor smokes ... when he gives Svante the harsh diagnosis. The 20-year-old man is incurably ill and nobody can say how much longer he has to live. Anything could be dangerous to Svante’s frail health, from his job in a record store to the next big party. But then the downcast young man descends into a metro station and all that suddenly changes. Svante gets on a train that takes him to Stockholm in 2016. Suddenly he’s in a place where people stare into weird walkie-talkies that can also take pictures, and the operation that can save Svante’s life is long since routine. Without further ado, he asks Elsa, the 2016 occupant of his apartment, for help. The question is whether it’s really a good idea to fall in love with somebody from the future.

Director Ulf Malmros, Jaana Fomin

Screenplay Ulf Malmros

Producer Jan Blomgren

Cast Henrik Dorsin (Bengan), Elias Palin (Svante), Victoria Dyrstad (Elsa)


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No screenings are available for this film.