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TRIO - Jakten på Olavsskrinet

TRIO - The Hunt for the Holy ShrineTRIO - Jakten på Olavsskrinet / TRIO - Jagd nach dem heiligen Schrein

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway / Germany 2017, 78 Min., norweg. OV, germ. st, 10 years and older

Summer is barely at an end in Norway’s Skjak before Nora, Simon, and Lars are once again enmeshed in a series of odd events. In the capital Oslo, unknown perpetrators make off with relics from a church. Shortly thereafter, a frightened man shows up at Nora’s grandfather’s house begging for help. It soon becomes clear that the stranger is being chased by criminals who have devious plans for Norway’s most storied treasure – they’re looking for the shrine of Saint Olav. So what does a mysterious art collector in far-off Hamburg have to do with it all? And why is Nora’s grandpa suddenly acting so strange? The case demands everything from the three young detectives, but at the moment jealousy is making it hard for them to work as a team. After three successful seasons of the show on television in Norway and Germany, the trio make their debut in a feature-length film.

Director Eva Fredrikke Dahr

Screenplay Morten Hovland, Trond Morten K. Venaasen

Producer Rune H. Trondsen

Cast Reidar Sørensen (Besten), Bernt Bjørn (Fred), Per Kjerstad (Jesper), Bjørnar Lysfoss Hagesveen (Lars), Naomi Hasselberg Thorsrud (Nora), Franziska Tørnquist (Emma), Minh Kai Phan Thi (Frau Zhen), Henrik Hines Grape (Simen)


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No screenings are available for this film.