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Elias og Storegaps hemmelighet

Anchors Up - Boats to the RescueElias og Storegaps hemmelighet / Elias und das Geheimnis des Großen Grabens

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway 2017, 75 Min., German commentary, 8 years and older

Elias is the bravest lifeboat in his little harbour. Following a rescue operation, he’s promoted and moves to Stor Havet, leaving his friends behind. But the big wide world is more strenuous than Elias imagined. Soon he’s homesick. And he has to deal with a band of boats who are up to no good, led by the ship that he saved. The little hero realises he’s in a fix without his friends. The television series about Elias the lifeboat is the most successful production from the Norwegian animation studio Animando, and the first Norwegian children’s series to be bought by Netflix for the international market. And rightly so: like its predecessors (NFL 2007/2011), the film wins audiences over with its realistic characters, exciting action sequences, and hilarious sidekicks. A children’s film in the tradition of Pixar Studios.

Director Simen Alsvik, William John Ashurst

Screenplay Simen Alsvik, Karsten Fullu

Producer Sigurd Slåttebrekk

Cast Henriette Steenstrup (Stella, Klæbb, Berit, Lille-grave), Samsaya (Elias), Fridtjov Såheim (Gåpå, Håkon), Svein Roger Karlsen (Våghals, Tørre)


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