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Onneli, Anneli ja Salaperäinen muukalainen

Jill & Joy and the Mysterious StrangerOnneli, Anneli ja Salaperäinen muukalainen / Onneli, Anneli und der geheimnisvolle Fremde

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland 2017, 75 Min., German commentary, 5 years and older

Jill and Joy are excited. A new home for children who have no parents is opening right on their street. What a brilliant place it must be! Or maybe not. The fenced-in grey barracks looks like a prison, and the director Minna Pinna acts like a staff sergeant. When the escaped orphan Pekki tells the girls what’s really going on behind the walls, Jill and Joy know they have to do something about it. They are helped out with their rescue plan by the very small McTiny family, and by the fantastical neighbours Tingelstina and Tangelstina with their magic mumbling plant. This is the third film about the two free-living children of fortune and their illustrious neighbours, based on the children’s books by Marjatta Kurenniemi. It is a worthy addition to the canon of optimism, imagination, and offbeat humour.

Director Saara Cantell

Screenplay Sami Keski-Vähälä

Producer Teea Hyytiä, Sari Lempiäinen

Cast Aava Merikanto (Onneli), Lilja Lehto (Anneli), Aarni Rämö (Pekki), Jenni Kokander (Minna Pinna), Jaakko Saariluoma (Polizist Ulpukka)


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