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Kur dingsta daiktai, kur dingsta zmones

Where Things, Where People DisappearKur dingsta daiktai, kur dingsta zmones / Wo die Dinge, wo die Menschen verschwinden

Short Films, Lithuania 2017, 23 Min., lit. OV, engl. st

An encounter at the gym. Simona is beside herself – someone has stolen her handbag and car keys. Donas placates her, saying it has never happened before, and asking her not to ring the police straightaway. After all, some of the gym’s employees are part of the psychiatric clinic’s vocational programme. When he offers to drive her home, it’s the start of a night that will change both their lives.

Director Jore Janaviciute

Screenplay Jore Janaviciute, Anele Kerpauskaite

Producer Jore Janaviciute

Cast Justina Nemanyte (Simona), Laurynas Jurgelis (Domas)


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No screenings are available for this film.