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Saatanan kanit

Fucking BunniesSaatanan kanit / Wie die Karnickel

Short Films, Finland 2016, 17 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

Raimo’s day proceeds in an orderly fashion, between games of squash and his squeaky-clean new housing estate. He buys 10 copies of the Romani magazine at once and even lends out his mobile, being naturally helpful and open. Then new neighbours move in. Made up like a metal band, they lug a giant cross and countless boxes of sex toys into their flat. Soon Raimo isn’t sleeping a wink at night.

Director Teemu Niukkanen

Screenplay Antti Toivonen, Teemu Niukkanen

Producer Tero Tamminen, Daniel Kuitunen, Kaisla Viitala

Cast Jouko Puolanto (Raimo), Janne Reinikainen (Maki), Minna Suuronen (Kirsi)


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No screenings are available for this film.