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A Bastard ChildHorungen / Das Hurenkind

Documentary, Sweden / Norway 2016, 57 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

“On 19 June, 1909, a bastard child was born in Stockholm. That child was me.” Artist Knutte Wester has known about his grandmother Hervor’s story since he was a small boy. Now he has turned it into an atmospheric animated film. This is an account of a growing up without a father in a cruel era. Women who did not submit to the strictures of marriage, or bore children out of wedlock, were not burned at the stake as witches, but they were branded “whores” and ruthlessly cast out of society. Hervor lived in foster families and homes – and from time to time with her mother, Ada, for whom getting through every day was a gruelling battle. While it’s impressive that Hervor even survived under those conditions, she was not satisfied with mere survival – as an adult, she fought for women’s rights and for the loosening of the rigid societal norms that had denied her any kind of lasting love as a young girl.

Director Knutte Wester

Producer Therese Högberg


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No screenings are available for this film.