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Efter Inez

After InezEfter Inez / Nach Inez

Documentary, Sweden 2017, 78 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

It is rare for a documentary film to have such intense proximity to its subjects. Karin Ekberg filmed the couple during the funeral, the burial service, and at a self-help group for grieving parents, who tell their stories by the sea. “It was so sudden”, Filip says, “we’d gotten everything ready, we’d bought a bigger car, everything was fine. Then came the day they told us she hadn’t survived”. “After Inez” is about the different ways that people deal with the deep feelings of emptiness that an existential loss leaves behind. With its conscious lack of distance to its subjects, it breaks the silence that the bereaved often still encounter in our societies. The fact that “After Inez” is not a completely shattering experience for the viewer is perhaps due to the fact that the film is steeped in enormous love for the people it documents.

Director Karin Ekberg

Screenplay Karin Ekberg

Producer Karin Ekberg, Klara Björk

Cast Denize Löfgren, Filip Nordin

Website http://efterinez.se/


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