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ChildhoodBarndom / Kindheit

Documentary, Norway / Sweden 2017, 90 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

Margreth Olin’s camera follows children between the ages of one and seven. They play, do crafts, celebrate birthdays, and live out their conflicts – all under the affectionate eyes of their teachers – who as it turns out aren’t exactly teaching, but instead allowing the children to blossom. “Childhood” documents a way of looking at and dealing with children that could be self-evident, but has now become the exception. Acquiring skills and learning basic knowledge have become the order of the day even in kindergarten these days. “Childhood” is a portrait of a different place, one where the adults leave the children as much in peace as possible. Here, you learn what growing means in the forest. Margreth Olin calls her film a silent protest. Silent, perhaps, but extremely effective. After watching the film, you will look at educational institutions in a different light.

Director Margreth Olin

Screenplay Margreth Olin

Producer Margreth Olin


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No screenings are available for this film.