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Tongue CuttersTungeskjærerne / Zungenschneider

Documentary, Norway / Denmark / Sweden 2017, 85 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

Nine-year-old Ylva lives in the city. But this spring, she has undertaken the long journey from Oslo to Norway’s far north to carry on an old tradition. Like her mother, her aunt, and her grandfather before her, Ylva want to work as a tongue cutter. Every spring, the fishermen haul in their catch of arctic winter cod from off the country’s coast. And since time immemorial, young children have taken on the job of cutting the tongues out of the fish. Cod tongues are a delicacy, not just in Norway. So Ylva learns from eleven-year-old pro Tobias how to correctly position the knife on the fish’s head. The director, Ylva’s aunt, followed the two children with her camera, at children’s parties, cutting competitions, and in the village pizzeria – showing us how they become close friends over the course of the season, and earn an impressive amount of money in the process.

Director Solveig Melkeraaen

Screenplay Solveig Melkeraaen

Producer Ingvil Giske


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