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What Young Men DoBarneraneren / Junge Täter

Documentary, Norway 2016, 104 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

In 2014, the Oslo suburb of Haugenstua was the focus of the Norwegian press. It was there that 19 young men, most of them teenagers, threatened and robbed young people of their own age. Jon Haukeland takes that attack as the starting point to tell the story of Noah. He was peripherally involved in one of the cases, but at trial he gets off lightly. He is not sentenced to jail, but instead makes a deal with a violence prevention group – he will no longer live with his mother; he will be moved to his father’s in another part of the city and will break off contact with his friends. But Noah has trouble simply eliminating the old neighbourhood and his mates from his life – it’s the only place he feels needed. In still, pleasant images, the film gives amateur and professional actors a lot of space, and makes it clear how difficult it is to adapt to a new life.

Director Jon Haukeland

Screenplay Jon Haukeland

Producer Ingvil Giske


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