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Fra barn til borger

Becoming a CitizenFra barn til borger / Vom Kind zum Bürger

Documentary, Norway 2016, 45 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

Sofia and Max are now of school age and everything has changed. They must be quiet when the teacher is talking. They have to pay attention all the time, do their homework, and walk hand in hand in rows of two – even when there’s an interesting beetle on the sidewalk. The camera follows the two five-year-olds close up and at eye level as they gradually get their bearings in the new surroundings, with its many rules. Filmmaker Janne Lindgren takes her subjects seriously and is interested in the details of the little dramas along the way, whether successes or frustrations, as they squirm through the first tests, or despair at the thought of reading. Lindgren gives us a unique insight into the educational system – from the perspective of the children who are expected to integrate into that system.

Director Janne Lindgren

Screenplay Janne Lindgren

Producer Eirin Gjørv

Cast Sofia Langeland Stewart, Max Annerløv Cossais


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No screenings are available for this film.