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GaragesGarazas / Garagen

Documentary, Latvia 2016, 37 Min., latv., russ. OV, engl. st

The Soviets once erected entire villages of garages on the outskirts of their cities. After all, after waiting years for a Volga, you couldn’t just park it on the street. These days, Latvian men indulge their individuality at garage co-ops – with no interference from wife and children. In these sheds, amidst the junk parts and motor oil, these outwardly normal men create entire worlds. They weld, hammer, fiddle about, and barbecue. One might be building animals from scrap metal; another is researching a rather ominous electrotherapy. One is tending birds; the other is forging his first coat of chain mail. And it seems everybody here has discovered something at least once. The film gives us an entertaining look inside a microcosm for men. And both men and women seem to agree it helps keep a marriage healthy.

Director Katrina Neiburga

Screenplay Pauls Bankovskis

Producer Alise Gelze, Aija Berzina


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No screenings are available for this film.